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Analytics and reporting

Integrated reporting that simplifies risk management and compliance

Partners 3 gives brokers an effective and efficient way to manage client risk and regulatory reporting from a web-based interface that’s easy to use.

Partners provides a wide variety of filtering and sorting criteria to research trade execution data and MT4 and Hub exposure data. Brokers can also follow trades in real-time and run nightly reports, which are pre-integrated into the platform.

Partners 3 also includes web-based management portals for both MT4 and margin accounts, which allow brokers to provide their takers a customized front-end for retrieving statements and managing risk.

London Prime has also partnered with Centroid, an advanced, institutional-level analytics platform that features automated alerting for risky client trading activity and full-exposure analyses. Centroid, available to certain parties exclusively from London Prime.

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Flexible reporting tools that serve both operational and regulatory needs

As an added layer of convenience, the oneZero Hub is integrated with select regulation technology venues to help brokers easily generate and deliver (via FTP) trade and position data in the format required by their local regulatory agencies. This integration provides for a unified trade reporting model which we offer as our “Rosetta Stone” of trade information for global regulatory reporting. Reg-tech venues have coupled this format with their existing, vetted transactions to a variety of trade repositories and formats, including EMIR, EMIR II, and MiFID II.

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Centroid: Big data analytics and tools for retail FX brokers

A major element of the risk-management advantage that big banks and institutions have over retail FX brokers is their proprietary, big-data analytics platforms that take years and many millions of dollars to develop. Centroid offers retail brokers the opportunity to equalize this advantage by giving you insights into your business that you never had before.

Centroid complements London Prime’s native analytics with a KDB database-driven analytics engine that delivers the same type of real-time risk management capabilities that large institutions have. Centroid, available to certain parties exclusively from London Prime.